Netzeffekt means: network effect.

The network effect is the process by which events happen. It is the effect produced when interaction among connected elements in a network take place.

Into the Universe, the network effects, are being generated all the time. The elements from which Universe is composed, are connected. Even when we don’t notice, they affect each other in a chain of events.

The network effect, in the “human” universe, is not an exception, it happens continuously.

In some degree, we people are connected amongst. We integrate, one or multiple networks simultaneously. The network effect happens in the communication.

At Netzeffekt, our mission is to make that your organization and brand communication contribute for your objectives to get accomplished, under the highest standards and best practices.

The objective of producing a network effect for your brand and your organization: are people. We people are who make things about happen. We people, are who take decisions: to action, to buy, to stay with a brand, to communicate, to support an organization. For Netzeffekt: people are your strength.

At Netzeffekt we assure for your brand and organization, delivery of communication intelligence services, educational, marketing and propaganda communication services. Services to produce network effect.